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An expert CAD modelling, Industrial 3D Printing and 3D Scanning service in Central London

Ideal for highly accurate, strong and functional prototypes

Each layer is precisely sintered with a laser to melt and bond each layer together resulting in very strong, rigid and detailed parts. Thinner parts can become flexible with an interesting material memory to return to its original position.

Ideal for fast multi-colour and white models

Multi-Colour 3D printing is perfect for producing detailed display and study models in a full range of vibrant colours in a short amount of time. Not only can you apply textures, but this method of 3D Printing also has the unique advantage of allowing you to apply photographic information to your models.


The wax is formulated for investment casting

Wax is a 3D printing material for jewellers, designers, modellers and others who want to design their own custom pieces and have them cast in precious metals. From your idea or sketch we can produce a bespoke CAD model to the exact specifications required.

A 3D Print is only as good as its CAD File

Our CAD modelling experts not only digitally draw your models, but specialise in understanding your ideas and requirements to produce fast and accurate CAD models for 3D printing. We know how to produce CAD files that best exploit our printing materials so you can expect to receive superior results.

Digitise complex forms and existing objects

Our in-house 3D scanning and CAD team can help you digitise your object into a great quality digital file ideal for 3D Printing. We are able to capture accurate 3D data and full photographic colour information quickly and efficiently using our knowledge of CAD and 3D Printing to get the best results.