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D2W Design Director Jonathan Rowley ready to offer his opinion
on whether 3D Printing can "change your life"

CNN Visits the 3D Printshow in New York


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Andrew Dawood: 3D printing's head master

Andrew Dawood is featured in Wired Magazine in an interview about his history passion and vision for the future of 3D Printing and how his company, Digits2Widgets is a part of making that future happen.

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You can access the interview here:


Jonathan Rowley discusses the positive and wonderous aspects of 3d printing as opposed to the media furore of the '3d printed gun', and how this relates to home 3d printers versus industrial 3d printers.

Voice of Russia Radio:
3d printing technology, what is it?

Gun from Blog

After the world's first 3D printed gun was made and fired by Cody Wilson, Jonathan Rowley of D2W was asked to participate on a discussion panel for the BBC World Service on the ramifications of this development.

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Andrew Walker from The Independent has written an excellent piece explaining the fallacy of the 3D Printed gun, and why D2W were prepared to print one for the V&A.


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When is a gun not a gun? When it's 3D Printed...


New Location New Machine

With our relocation to Camden we now have to the latest EOS P110 Nylon SLS Printer to stand alongside our EOS P100 giving us double the capacity to print in Nylon SLS. The new space in Camden allows us to more efficiently process our parts from start to finish.

"The Future is Here explores how the boundaries between designer, manufacturer and consumer are becoming increasingly blurred. Significant changes in the way objects are made, the materials they are made of and the type of objects that people use have the potential to affect commerce, industry and the environment as profoundly as any past Industrial Revolution."

The exhibition runs from the 24th of July to the 29th of October.

Three of D2W's design objects selected to display in forthcoming Design Museum exhibition "The Future Is Here"

She has rightly been featuring in many press stories this week (no, not that Catherine Wales) along with her presence in the wonderful exhibition at the Design Museum.
We wish her all the best and look forward to her future work and innovations.

Catherine Wales, one of our favourite clients, getting due credit for her fantastic work in a feature in The Telegraph


The Guardian has written about D2W's blog post:

3D Printed Gun: A Public Safety Warning

FT Weekend feature, "3D Printing Shows its Teeth"
about our D2W founders, Andrew Dawood and Susan Tanner

The Financial Times Magazine featured a story on our founders Andrew Dawood and Susan Tanner which describes how their innovative and creative use of 3D Printing has real human benefits.
You can read the article here: FTlogo1


While manning our stand at the 3D Printshow in London, Jonathan Rowley was interviewed by the online video magazine VisionOntv.
In the interview, he explains a little bit about how we like to operate here at D2W.

Olly the Smelly Robot Feature on the BBC

Our Client Ben Redford of Mint Digital has been developing Olly, his smelly robot, using our Nylon SLS 3D printer. Olly is connected to the web, and any time the user gets an "@" mention, comment or post, Olly gently releases a customisable scent into the air.

Read about Olly on the BBC website here:

and some more about Mint Digital here:


D2W on VisionOntv during the 3D Printshow

D2W featured in a CNN Business News video on the innovative MakieLab Dolls

We were pleased to once again have the opportunity to demonstrate the 3D process for the CNN team for their feature on Makielab, and explain the cost and creative benefits of 3D printing and being able to print multiple jobs together.
You can view it here: CNN

Most Contagious 2012

Digits2Widgets were selected to be showcased at the recent Most Contagious 2012 conference at London's King's Place, representing "the year's most shareable ideas and technologies".


We are thrilled to feature in the Blueprint feature showcasing Studios and users of 3D Printing.

You can view it here:

D2W in The Guardian's Feature:
"Is 3D Printing about to hit the mainstream?"

Our Design Director Jonathan Rowley (47) was interviewed by
Charles Arthur of the Guardian on the reality of 3D printers in the home.

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You can read more about it here:

You can read the full feature here:


We are very pleased to be participating in this years London Design Festival. We have gathered together some examples of what we consider interesting and exceptional 3D printed objects for our exhibtion. We are also conducting a seminar on our preview evening titled "What you CAN make with a 3D printer".

Every day at 1pm we will be conducting a tour of our 3D printing machine rooms throughout the exhibiton period.

For more information about the festival visit the LDF site:

The BBC's flagship technology programme "Click" came for a visit to D2W for their recent episode on 3D Printing and how it is changing the design industry.


You can view it here on iPlayer you if live in the UK:

D2W appears in BBC's "Click" Magazine Programme

During London Design Festival, D2W is open to the public with an exhibition of exceptional 3D printed objects


Andrew Dawood won the 3DPrintshow Inspiring Individual award!

We are thrilled that Andrew won the 3D Printshow Inspiring Individual award. All of the nominees were deserving in their own right. However, it's wonderful for Andrew to have received the recognition for his use of 3D Printing to dramatically and humanely improve the lives of his patients as well as his vision to launch a creative 3D printing company - D2W. The world is fortunate to have people like Andrew Dawood, and we're privileged to work with him.

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D2W in Blueprint's
Special Focus on 3D Printing


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