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Highest Quality 3D Printing

D2W provide a broad range of advanced 3D Printing services, including the largest capacity Nylon SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) in London. Since 2009, all of our industrial 3D Printers have been run by our experienced production team, whose deep knowledge and meticulousness ensure superb results.

Expert 3D Cad Service

If you don’t have your own 3D CAD file, our highly accomplished CAD team are all qualified designers, proficient in the use of a wide range of professional software.

You can come to the studio and work alongside one of the team to translate your idea into CAD. Alternatively, you can send us your artwork and we can consult remotely. Our 3D Scanning service can augment CAD production beautifully .

The major benefit of using our 3D CAD service is that our team quickly and expertly design your objects for the most appropriate 3D Print material.

Most Competitive 3D Printing Prices in the UK

We provide highly accurate and consistent rapid prototypes at extremely competitive prices across all of our 3D Printing materials.

Our unique Nylon SLS Container system makes it simple, fast and affordable for small multiple part orders, batch orders and production runs. You can simply download a set priced volume from the website and insert as many objects as you can, whatever the quantities. This system is great, as it allows you to budget for Nylon SLS Prints as you’re designing.

For an individual object that you want to 3D Print, we will always quote for it as received. When we  evaluate your object, we will advise you if any subtle modifications might make the printing more affordable.

We also offer fantastic student discounts!