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3D Printing Material Options

Fastest Production Time: 2 Business Days

Our Nylon SLS is a white plastic that is accurate, robust and incredibly versatile.
Ideal for detailed concept models, functional objects and small production runs.

Models in 3D SLA

Fastest Production Time: 1 Business Day

SLA Resin is a 3D printing material that is perfect for jewellers, designers, modellers and others who want to design their own custom pieces, some of which can then be cast in precious metals. SLA has the highest detail and smoothest surfaces and can be further finished.

Fastest Production Time: 1 Business Day

Multi-Colour Plaster 3D printing is perfect for producing objects with great speed and quality in white or full 24 bit colour. This material is excellent for display and visualisation models.

D2W is very honoured to have recently had some of our Nylon SLS projects accepted in to the Material ConneXion library.

The library is the largest collection of unique, innovative, and sustainable materials, and partner to the world’s most innovative organizations.

3D Design and Reverse Engineering

Your idea translated by us in to a 3D printable CAD file.

We can create a CAD file from existing objects for reproduction or modification, using both our CAD and 3D Scanning Services.
The major benefit of using our 3D CAD service is that our expert team will create it for you quickly, in the most appropriate professional software and will be specifically designed for the 3D print material of your choice.

3D Scanning Service at our London Studio

Our experienced and professional 3D scanning team can take your physical items and recreate them digitally to the highest accuracy. Our range of scanning technologies includes London’s only publicly available access to CT scanning, allowing you to also capture internal information. The scanning technology we use depends very much on the material your object is made from, its size and level of detail. Please send us an image of your object and we will be able to advise on the best scanning technology for your purposes.

3D Scanning Off Site

If you are too far away to visit us, or your object is too cumbersome or too precious to transport, we can bring our Structured Light scanner to your location and digitise your object in situ.

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