Following on from our blog about our Nylon SLS 3D printed fabrics, we have some exciting news for all of you who are keen to learn how to design CAD files that will produce dynamic fashion elements.

Like everyone involved in 3D printing, we heard all about the dress produced for Dita Von Teese.  What perplexed us, was that we couldn’t find any moving images of Dita wearing the dress?  How strange that a lady whose entire career and reputation is based upon being a “mover”, is only depicted wearing the dress in still images.  Therefore, being suspicious of so much of the hype surrounding 3D printing, we assumed that in reality, Dita and the dress didn’t move convincingly enough to be revealed in motion.

A couple of months ago we had the pleasure of meeting Francis Bitonti, the designer responsible for generating the geometry and CAD data for the dress, and we immediately asked him why film evidence of the dress was so absent from all of the stories about it?  He seemed to share our frustration at the lack of exposure of the dress in motion and shared a link to a video that answered all of our questions.  IT ACTUALLY MOVES BEAUTIFULLY!

This was something of a revelation, as although we have produced our own “fabric” samples” and then adapted some of these to create bracelets, our designs were constrained to flat, orthogonal panels.  We could potentially produce a very beautiful quilt (formed by connecting up individual square panels) however Francis had impressively achieved an interlocking fluid file that follows the contours of the body in question.

After further conversations with Francis and having learned that he was running classes teaching the secrets of computational design for 3D printing, it seemed obvious for D2W to collaborate with him on a future course.  Therefore, from 12th – 23rd January 2015, D2W will be hosting Francis’ “New Skins London 2015” at our studios in Camden Town.

Francis will be teaching the computational design side of things over the 10 days of the course.

D2W will be providing the venue and the opportunity learn about our in-house Nylon SLS printers.  This is the material and technology used to produce the Dita Von Teese dress and is currently the ideal technology for dynamic 3D printed parts, as the material is very strong, has flexibility when printed in thin sections and does not require any scaffold structures to support it during the printing process.

We are extremely experienced in the production of ambitious, dynamic and functional Nylon SLS projects and pride ourselves on agreeing to print tolerances and geometries that other bureaus have refused to touch.  This is where the experience is gained!  We will be imparting all of this in an introductory presentation to the Nylon SLS technology and will also be on hand to advise on the designs being developed by the students throughout the duration of the course.  The price of the course also includes a Nylon SLS print of whatever the student has created at the end of the 10 days.

We are really looking forward to playing a part in this course.  Partly because Francis is an inspirational individual who imparts his ideas with both clarity and charm.  But primarily, because this course offers designers a unique opportunity to understand this evolving and versatile new digital production tool from both the design and production ends.  All true design is a marriage of concept with an understanding of the materials and processes required to realise it.  We expect that this course will bring all of this together and bear some remarkable fruit.

Dita’s dress is an incredible technical achievement and an amazing piece of 3D printed fashion.  We hope that by assisting with courses such as this, more and more designs will start to appear where the 3D printed production element becomes inconsequential and everyone is simply marveling at what’s never been seen before!