Some of us at D2W are old enough to remember when Prince Charles got engaged to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.  This was a huge news event at the time, as the next in line to the British throne had chosen his queen to be. 

At the time, there was a huge focus on the sapphire and diamond engagement ring which Diana coyly flashed at the World’s paparazzi on the day of the announcement.  For the next few months, high street jewellers across the UK were frantically replicating and selling copies of the ring to all of the young men hoping to pop the question.
30 years later when Prince William proposed to Catherine Middleton, he did so with his mother’s engagement and again, all of the world’s attention was focussed back on this famous sapphire and diamond ring.
When we were thinking of a famous piece of jewellery that we could attempt to replicate to demonstrate the wonders of CAD and 3D printing for the production of jewellery, this was the obvious choice.
Armed with photographs of both Diana and Catherine flashing the ring, our in-house jewellery designer Dovydas Pocius reproduced the design of the ring and its settings in Rhino.
Once he was confident that he had reproduced it accurately, he then proceeded to print it on our SLA printer.  This was then taken to a jewellery casting company where it was investment cast in silver.  Dovydas then took the rough silver cast and polished it to a fine jewellery finish.  The finishing touch was to the set the polished silver ring with reproduction diamonds and a sapphire.
In 30 years time when Prince George decides to marry (and barring a revolution) D2W will be in prime position to serve the demand for beautiful reproductions!