Nylon SLS Print with Black Perspex Plinth

Ciarcelluti Mathers Architecture submitted their design for the No.8@Arup 2016 competition to “design a stairway for Arup’s London office that would elicit joy and generate delight.”

The staircase design is one that would have allowed users to experience the building from cascading and angular viewpoints that would alter their perspective of the interior of the building.

CMA contacted D2W for advice on how to produce the model for the competition. They originally imagined that the model would be 100% 3d printed and include the floor levels which the stairs connected and whatever mounting device would be required.

We suggested that the floor levels might not be necessary and might actually detract from the glory of the staircase. Regarding the mounting of the model, it’s almost always a better idea to produce this in a material separate from the model itself, in order to expressly focus on the model. Therefore we worked together with Ciarcelluti Mathers to print only the staircases themselves and design them to mount directly on to a black perspex plinth. This worked beautifully as it expressed the delicacy of the staircase model and the black perspex produced a mirror effect that allows the reverse of the stairs to be seen.
The jury were so impressed with this “beautifully stunning model”, CMA were awarded a special commendation for their entry to the competition.

We were thrilled to have helped CMA achieve this award and to have been able to offer the extra service of enhancing the Nylon print with a bespoke mount that allowed the model to really sing.