“This whole piece started from a dream I had when I was on holiday last summer in Cyprus. I had been sitting in the sun all day so that may have had something to do with it. I dreamt that I was holding an ice cream cone containing a skull instead of ice cream and I was standing by a swimming pool. I woke up shortly after the dream and quickly sketched the skull ice cream onto a notepad and then fell back asleep. When i woke up the next day I was both shocked and intrigued by what I had dreamt that night. When I got back to the UK I made a more detailed sketch from the initial one and then began painting in Photoshop. After completing the painting I felt like I had to make this thing I’d dreamt of; it being on paper wasn’t enough for me, I wanted more, I wanted to hold it in my hands. For the next few months I played around with clays and tried sculpting it by hand, even buying a miniature skull from Germany to work from.

After countless efforts of trying to make this ice cream from clay, plastic skulls and a real flake, I decided it was time to look into 3D printing. I’d heard a lot about it but never really understood how it worked, so I did a bit of research and found Digits2Widgets, who happened to be located a short walk from the office I was working at that time. Once the piece was rendered using cinema 4D I sent the CAD file over to Jonathan Rowley, the design director of Digits2Widgets, and within a day or two the Ice Cream was printed and I was holding what I had dreamt of in my hands and was truly terrified!”

Jack Crossing “End of Summer” on Flickr