Nylon SLS Print maquette 1,2,3 Sculpture

Commissioned by Florentinum, Prague, Czech Republic

“The majority of my practice is concerned with the role of judgment in connection to the process of vision. I am interested in optically adapting the familiar in order to create sculptural interventions, which momentarily knock the viewer’s perception off-kilter. I often slyly transform objects, imagery and text, giving them the power of self-reflective commentary, converting them to different items and nudging them towards an ‘impossible’ state that produces a sense of wonder to those who behold them.

My most recent sculpture is based on ascending and descending numbers, which primarily play on the notion of fixing illusions through the isolation of the observer’s viewpoint. The artwork consist of numerals, which have been stretched, sculpted and carved in opposing directions in order to switch meaning when looked at from different angles. This playful free -standing sculpture is a continuation of my interest in the ambiguity of the image and other scenarios, which confirm the visual puzzle and optical conundrum as my primary field of operation.

I am most interested in how my sculptures are capable of simultaneously representing several different visual interpretations. I find it most intriguing how our visual perception of such sculptures can switch between two or more alternatives and what subsequent affect of perceiving a changing space of representation has upon our senses. When looking at my sculptures the viewer is made aware that each viewpoint adopted holds something entirely different from the next. This confirms that no one viewpoint when looking at sculpture can be any more reliable than the next.”


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