3D Printed Props for Photography

Ryan Hopkinson is probably one of our most effective clients at using CAD and 3D printing for Advertising / Art projects.

Nick collaborates with digital artist Nick Savy, to produce CAD files for 3D printing.

In this example for Nike, parts were designed as components to be decorated and put together in conjunction with the “Mercurial” football boots.  When photographed from above, the juxtaposition of the boots with the 3D printed components create powerful analogies of the qualities of the new Nike boots .

All of the components were designed as individual components to be reassembled. They were then 3D printed in our Multi-Colour printer as white prints.

Nick reassembled the pieces, and they were then decorated and taken to Ryan’s studio, where they were suspended from the ceiling. The boots were then secured within the object and photographed under very specific lighting conditions.

Ryan’s photographic work has a strong tactile quality, as any props used as elements in his sets are entirely untouched in Photoshop. They appear hyper real by virtue of their enhanced 3D CAD and 3D Printing components giving a greater sense of physicality and presence.

BTS for @Nike - one of the four unique sculptures we designed and shot for the Nike Silo campaign #famousbtsmag

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