CAD, Multi-Colour 3D Prints

D2W were commissioned by Ogilvy Mather to design and produce a 3D printed trophy based on the logo of the Nudge Awards.

As the logo of the Nudge Awards shows a triangulated brain in profile, our in-house CAD designer Tom Mallinson chose this as the basis from which to produce a proportionally extended three dimensional brain shape from the given triangles.

This base model was then scaled to provide three different sizes, representing the bronze, silver and gold awards, and a fourth trophy for the over all “Grand Prix” winner, which had grooves along the divisions to give the impression that it was expanding and splitting open.

For the mount and plinth of the trophy we decided to design and print this part as a separate element that could then be attached to the brain once both were printed.

As Multi-Colour 3D prints are priced by their volume, it was important to hollow out the brain and the plinth, in order to reduce the material volume and thus reduce the price. We designed the brain as hollow model with a minimum 3mm shell, which meant that it was still strong enough to hold together, and the hole required for the rod of the plinth to fit in provided the perfect aperture through which to remove the unbound plaster once the print was finished.

The plinths themselves were also hollowed in the same way to reduce the volume and a small hole was designed in to the underside of the base where the unbound plaster could similarly escape. We then designed and printed circular plugs that could then be glued back in to the bases to seal this hole once complete.

The 3 components (brain, base and base plug) were printed in Multi-Colour, de-powdered, glue fixed and then glued in position to produce the 100% 3D printed Nudge Award 2015 trophies.