3D Scanning for Product Launch

PG Tips wanted a big launch for it’s new Green Tea product that would get attention and create a social media buzz. Our 3D scanning and clean digital data was an essential part of the production process for their very effective promotion.

Nicholas Alexander’s concept was to enlarge the famous “Sock Monkey” to the size of a two story building and float down the Thames on a barge, where it would present a “Green Paper” report in front of the houses of Parliament.

In order to best achieve an accurate enlarged version of the PG Tips sock monkey, they brought the familiar woollen version to our studio at D2W, where it was 3D scanned in various ‘poses’.

The 3D data was then used to produce an enormous statue of the sock monkey, which was finished using over 100,000 plastic leaves to create the “PG Tips Green Tea Monkey”.

This was a fabulous example of the use of 3D scanning technology for prop makers, where they can digitally capture an existing object and then have the ability to re-scale it. It also saves an inordinate amount of time when you don’t have to physically sculpt a piece, especially of this size. A couple of weeks after the sock monkey was scanned, the enormous tea covered version was floating down the Thames.

The Green Tea Monkey was a great social media hit as you can see here:

Did you see the #GreenTeaMonkey takeover on the River Thames, chums? #London #GreenTea #love

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