At Digits2Widgets, we find that our customers always have the best ideas.

This morning we had an enquiry from Ify Uchegbu asking if she could purchase one of our Nylon SLS containers as a birthday present for her boyfriend?  We had never considered this as a possibility, however it’s a brilliantly obvious extension of our Nylon SLS container system as a gift box that will magically contain whatever the recipient desires!*

The only caveat to this gift principle is that it is important that your loved one is reasonably proficient with CAD software and would be capable (or have a kind friend who is capable!) of packing the container volume with their chosen parts.  It is also possible that what they send to us may turn out to be unprintable, but we will advise them of any difficulties once we see the objects and help them to achieve something viable.

If you’re confident that they will be able to do this, then having decided which size volume you would like to give as a gift, please give us a call.  We will then take a card payment for the chosen volume and ask for the e-mail address of your loved one and tell us on which date you would like them to receive your gift.

Containers come in 12 sizes starting at £40+VAT


  1. Your loved one will receive e-mail from us on whichever date you specify.  This will inform them of the gift from you and also contain an order reference no., an attachment of the volume that they have to work with and links explaining how the container system works.
  2. Your loved one then has to either produce or obtain a CAD design in .STL format (they should know what this means or they can call us for information) and pack it/them in to the container volume.  Once they have done the packing they should then e-mail this back to us quoting the order reference no.
  3. Once we receive the packed volume, we will print it as quickly as we can, inside the relevant container basket.
  4. When the printed container basket is ready, we can post it back via Royal Mail first class post for free within the UK.  Otherwise we can quote for registered post or overseas shipping.  Alternatively, your loved one can come and collect from us and if they’re lucky, get a little tour of the technology that produced your gift for them!


A 3d printed basket container (with new improved sliding lid!) which contains Nylon SLS prints of whatever their heart desires*


A D2W Size 1 container (12 sizes available) with new improved sliding lid

So if you have a loved one who has been itching to do some proper industrial quality 3d printing, this would make a terrific present.  It’s rather like a three dimensional gift voucher with which to make whatever you like.

We’re hoping that Ify’s boyfriend is so delighted with this gift of anything, that he’ll save a little space inside his container to make something sweet for her as a thank you! (no pressure boyfriend)

* Within the usual legal boundaries and size limitations of standard desire.