Multiple 3D Scanning Options


We aim to understand and advise the best possible technology for your individual project. Be it a physical or digital production our experienced team can lead you from a concept to completion.

With specialist skills and a deep understanding of a wide array of manufacturing technologies beyond 3D scanning we want to hear about your idea.

We have multiple 3D scanners some of which can be taken on site if you require it. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the technology, If you have any question please contact us.

Structured Light

By projecting a light pattern onto a 3D form and registering the distortion we can reconstruct the geometry into a digital model. We capture photographic frame data to create a full texture map of the object with all of its colour information. You can either send/bring your object to our studio to be 3D scanned, or we can visit you to take the scan on site.

CT Cone Beam

We have multiple CT scanners, top of the range equipment usually limited to medical purposes now open to the creative industries. Perfect for reverse engineering we can capture internal surfaces otherwise impossible with other scanning technology.


We take multiple hi resolution images to build up a 3D model using specialist software. Be it a person captured instantaneously with multiple images, or macro images of a small, highly detailed item taken sequentially, we have the expertise and experience to capture a beautiful, accurate 3D scan.

3D Scanning for:


Expand Your Creative Capabilities

We can scan your artwork and give you further creative possibilities. With our knowledge and experience, along with cutting edge technology, you are only limited to your imagination.


Archive for Reference and Replication

Our non-destructive 3D scanning processes can capture a 3D file of your object without harm. We have perfected our own specialist techniques for scanning delicate items previously thought to be impossible to scan.


3D Capture Your Campaign

3D Scanning can be an important tool in your PR event or marketing materials. We can help you make beautiful, striking pieces that will last in the public eye.


Full Body 3D Scanning.

We like a challenge! We can capture any number of elaborate poses or a fantastic costume, faithfully recreating the original. We can then take that further by editing according to your creative direction.


Optimise Production with Rig Ready 3D Files

3D Scanning can cut down the production time of your project and allow you new creative possibilities. We can prepare your files ready for your individual creative needs.

CNC Milling

3D Scans Prepared for Fabrication

If you are planning on large scale fabrication we can prepare your files so no extra work is needed, ensuring a streamlined process when routing from 3D scans.

If you have an item or project that requires 3D scanning, give us a call. We would love to talk to you! You can also email us. If possible, send photographs of the item you would like scanned with an object such as a coin or a ruler next to it for scale. No job is too big or small. We are always looking to further our technical knowledge and capabilities, and we strive for the best possible results.

Dia Azawwi Sculpture and 3D Printed replica