How we began

Andrew Dawood began using 3D Printing in 2005 as a means to achieve more creative and accurate surgical solutions for his Dental Implant and Maxillofacial patients.

His enthusiasm for the potential of the technology, along with requests from Designers and Architects to use his technology for their prototyping needs, prompted him to found Digits2Widgets in 2009 as a 3D Printing bureau.

D2W soon outgrew Andrew’s dental clinic on Wimpole Street and he acquired an industrial building in Camden Town, that had once been used as a factory to produce cockpit canopies for Spitfires. This was then purpose converted in to a 3D Digital Facility. We are extremely proud of our premises, where we regularly host seminars and exhibitions, and is also now home to some of the most creative 3D companies in the UK.

Who we are

Digits2Widgets has steadily assembled a highly skilled, creative and professional team from across the design spectrum, who speak your language.

Whether discussing CAD, 3D Scanning or 3D Printing, we never just tell you what you want to hear. We always listen to what you need and then offer our expertise from there. We also understand the need for impeccable quality and accuracy.

Other direct upload, quote and pay 3D print services are entirely anonymous and have no interest in the goals for your project.
This type of system often leads to disappointment when you receive parts back that don’t meet your expectations. By contrast, we are always available to discuss your files and help you to make the right decisions to make the 3D printed parts work for you. It’s a simple conversation that can save several expensive test stages.

For us, no project is too big nor too small for the team to assist with and our customers can be sure that they are getting the best possible results from all of our 3D technologies.

On a daily basis we work on the widest range of projects, and this means that our experience of the potential for this exciting technology is unparalleled. Sometimes people are a little shy when they first approach us with their ideas. No need to be. We’ve heard it all before and will always try to advise on the best way to make your idea a reality, whether it ultimately involves our technology or not.

Whether you are looking for CAD, 3D Scanning or 3D Printing, we have it all covered.