SLS Batch Production

D2W’s SLS production capacity is amongst the largest in the UK.

Our in house EOS industrial 3D printers offer the best quality Nylon SLS available and are perfect for the production of plastic parts, from tens to tens of thousands.

Our Nylon SLS capacity is comprised a fleet of EOS P1 machines (190 x 240 x 310mm) and a large EOS P396 (300 x 300 x 600mm)

If your parts are too large for the container system, we can produce these outside of these set volumes for you.Do be in touch so we can best advise on any possible design adjustments to make them more efficient and economical to produce.

Batch Production Times

Standard Service : 5 to 7 Business DaysColours: Plus 1 WeekAll Prices are Subject to VAT

All your questions about Nylon SLS Batch Printing answered

No Initial Production Investment

Without the need for tooling and after a short prototyping phase, you can go straight from your CAD design to production.  No minimum quantities.  No worries about breaking even on production investment.  No need to stock thousands of parts.  Often a really purposeful alternative to injection moulding.

Fast Lead Times / Bridging Parts

Bypassing tooling means you can start production right away.  If you are eventually going to use a process that requires tooling, you can use your Nylon SLS batch production as a source of bridging parts until the injection moulding production is ready, getting your production up and running faster.

Prototyping to Production

Your final production part will be exactly the same as your prototype part. No adjustments required when transferring production technologies.


Each of your parts can be different. Be they serial numbers or more dramatic customisation of parts, without tooling, Nylon SLS batch production can handle this with ease.


We can vibro-finish and dye production parts for you.

Economies of Scale

Once you have established the the best price of your Nylon SLS Batch Production, there are no further economies of scale.


The level of accuracy of repeat parts is extremely good, however if you are used to engineering tolerances, you will need to do some more involved prototyping to ensure that the technology can reproduce multiple parts within acceptable tolerances.

Larger Objects

Larger objects are often not well suited to batch production in terms of their cost and the rate at which they are produced.  However the design of larger parts can often be amended to reduce their volume; we can always advise on this.  Otherwise, larger parts can be included inside one of our Nylon Containers alongside other parts to make the process stack up.

3D Print Stratification

Like all 3D printing, Nylon SLS parts are built up in layers which are evident of the surface of the parts. Although significantly less obvious than on most other 3D printing technologies, they are there. Vibro finishing will diminish them further to some extent, however prolonged vibro finishing will alter the over all geometry, so you have to be prepared to accept some surface stratification.

The Smaller the Better

The smaller they are, the more we can build in the same batch. We often advise clients on how to adjust their design so that they can fit more in to a container. More, faster and for the same price.

Limited Volumes

When your part isn’t required in the millions, then limited batch production, as and when you need them, is a brilliant alternative to the tooling costs involved in injection moulding.

Customised Parts

If you require variation in your objects, then this is easily achieved with 3D printing. No tooling, infinite variations. Perfect for promotional objects with the personal touch.

Evolving Parts

Often your parts perform a specific purpose that you know will have a limited lifespan.  You know that they will probably change as your product evolves.  Using 3D printing for these types of part, means that you don’t have to invest in tooling and have the freedom to order as few as you need until the time comes to modify the design.  Many products are constrained in their development because manufacturers are forced by the economics of tooling or of standard parts, to keep using non optimal components as part of the product.  Using 3D printing, frees you up to make each component as design specific as it needs to be.

Replica Parts

When plastic components are no longer available and you have information about the original (either the part itself or technical drawings) our CAD team can reverse engineer it for you and then print reproductions.  Whether this is for your own personal use or you want to provide a supply of discontinued parts to others, batch production is a brilliant solution.  However many you need, whenever you need them.

3D Printed Batch Production - House Calls

There’s nothing magic about learning how to use 3D printing effectively. Like anything else, it’s just a question of experience. We have as much of this experience as anyone in the field and are always happy to share this with you.

We are so happy to share, that if you feel you might have an application for some 3D printed batch production, you can phone or email us and describe the kinds of manufacturing that you are already involved in. Then if we agree that there might be a useful application for you, we’re happy to come and visit you to see your current set up and identify objects that might be well worth transferring to 3D printed batch production. Alternatively, if you’d like to see the technology in question, we can arrange for you to visit us.


If you need lots of objects and are starting from scratch, please send us any information you have about the parts (a description, photos, drawings or sketches) and our CAD team of trained designers can assess the project.  If we don’t think that your part will be viable to produce using 3D printing batch production, we’ll let you know. Otherwise they can then produce the CAD file for you that not only optimises it for 3D printing in Nylon SLS, they can also optimise it for your budget.

Ready to Go?

If you think that you are ready to go right away, then simply follow these steps:

Send us the .stl of your part.

Explain the function of the part, so that we can ensure that the Nylon SLS parts will be fit for purpose.

Tell us the quantities that you’re looking to produce.

We’ll take you from there.

Money Back Samples to Get You Going

Dipping your toes in to a new technology can be daunting. Therefore we offer you money back on your first prototype based on your first batch order in an XL container. We will offer either £40 or 10% off, whichever is the greater.

Compound Discounts for Account Customers

We hope that batch production customers would soon open one of our customer accounts.  Once the customer account is running, we can establish monthly value thresholds on your orders, whereby you can earn discounts based on the total value and frequency of your orders.

The Highest Quality Settings - Always

It is possible to run our EOS printers at larger layer thicknesses in order to produce parts faster. We believe that our customers should always receive parts produced at the very best quality possible, therefore our machines remain constantly set at the best 0.1mm layer thickness. This is never changed, therefore you can trust the repeatability of your parts time and again.

Another key aspect of producing the best quality parts is a consistent new to used powder ratio. We always maintain a 50:50 ratio as recommended by EOS and therefore surface finish and material performance can be relied upon.

We are also always available to discuss your projects with you.

We understand that you may want to feed large orders in to your production workflow as and when they are ready, so are happy to do this for you.  We can inform you when a certain number of containers are completed and despatch them in batches.  Please note that this will incur additional shipping charges.

Yes we do.  We often work with clients to develop files that eventually go in to batch production.  Our CAD team come from a variety of design backgrounds and one of them will have the expertise, Nylon SLS experience and the appropriate software to quickly and efficiently work with you to design the part you need.  See our 3D CAD page for full details about how this process works.

We can edit CAD files in most formats, but do charge CAD time to do so.

Yes we do.  Our vibro finishing service can smooth your parts significantly, but the uniformity of the finish very much depends upon the size and geometry of your part and how this relates to the size of our polishing media.  We can advise on the suitability of vibro finishing from your CAD file.

This all depends on the volume of parts.  If you are after just one of any of the Container Sizes, then we can deliver these at either our Standard or Express production rates.  If you are ordering more than that, then we can discuss scheduling and prices and potentially deliver them in separate consignments as and when they are ready.