3d printed objects are only as good as the CAD files from which they are generated. The better the quality of the design file, the more successful, accurate and impressive the finished object will be.

Most people who approach us wanting to print something, already have a CAD file of some kind and it is usually quite straightforward for us to help them iron out any glitches, in order to produce a good finished object.

However, on some occasions we receive inquiries from people who have the brilliant idea, but nothing digital. D2W have an architect, a product designer, a model maker, a games designer and an artist working within the office, so we have lots of skills, but often we do not have the resources in order to take on any significant CAD work from scratch. Very often these types of inquirers also have limited budgets to produce the necessary digital design files and cannot afford the services of qualified professional designers.

It breaks our hearts to see ideas go unrealized solely due to lack of finances. Therefore, D2W are using our ever growing network of student designers as a resource for inquirers who need some help producing their CAD design files. This is already working extremely well, whereby the inquirers are commissioning students to work with them on the CAD development of projects.

This benefits the client by offering a more affordable way of producing CAD files. The traditional way of achieving cheaper CAD files is to outsource the work to other parts of the World, which can be a very hit and miss exercise. In this way, the client can work directly with highly talented and enthusiastic students in order to obtain the files necessary to print the finished idea. If the relationship works well, then the students will most likely be able to improve and develop the design during this process, so the client is not only getting a CAD representation of their first idea, but a CAD development of the design. These students also have incredibly versatile and diverse networks of their own, which might include leads on marketing, graphic design, packaging, you name it. This initial contact could then offer assistance with all other possible aspects of your project. Potentially the whole Kickstarter package……if that’s what you have in mind.

This benefits the students by offering them the chance to earn a little income, develop a small client base and refine their collaborative design skills in the real world.

This benefits D2W by minimizing the number of projects that go unrealized due to the financial or technical limitations of the client and allows us to print as many interesting projects as possible! It’s another manifestation of our ethos of always wanting to make things possible and when that’s been achieved, to make them even better………We also hope that the students will think fondly of D2W when they enter the professional design world.

Working within this field and being in the heart of Central London, we are privileged to meet an incredible range of international young design talent. These students are the design future and we really enjoy offering them the chance to establish relationships with real clients. We eagerly wait to see where these relationships will lead!

So if you just have a sketch, a doodle or only an idea, please do contact us and we’ll see if we can connect you with a suitable candidate from “the future” and get you on track to making it real.