Some photos from our exhibition stand at the China International Design Fair in Shenzhen just before Christmas. It was a wonderful opportunity to show some 3d printing to a Chinese audience and gauge where they’re at with the technology. We met some wonderfully interested and interesting people during our time there. Amusing highlight.  Through our translator Jasmine, a visitor asked me what bait we use with the folding bird house?  I said I didn’t understand the question and asked for it to be repeated, thinking that Jasmine must have misunderstood the first time.  Again came the question, “What bait do you use?”  Finally, after much miming and smiling, it all became clear.  Our visitor understood that our folding bird house was designed to be a bird trap!!! Next stop New York for the 3D Printshow.  We wonder what Americans will make of us!?!?!?

The Banner Outside the Exhibition
Local dignitaries admire our wares
The stand in action
The inverted portraits were extremely popular
Most people like sunglasses and icecream
Many can do without the sunglasses