D2W are holding an exhibition as a part of the London Design Festival, which runs between September 14th – 22nd 2013.  As ever, we are looking to display an exciting and diverse range of 3D printed (or 3D print facilitated) objects.

Therefore, in an effort to encourage this, we’re inviting you to submit a design.  The only constraints are that your object should ideally be impossible (or incredibly difficult) to produce in any way other than 3d printing and that the print CAD file must be a maximum of 10cm cubed.

We are quite happy for you to propose some post production to your printed piece or its incorporation as part of other materials and processes, as we always like to see 3d printing used to augment different more traditional methods.

You can send us a single object that fits within the maximum volume.  You can send us an object that fits within the maximum volume and then transforms as a single piece in to something larger.  Alternatively, you can send us a number of separate components that fit within the maximum volume and are then post assembled to make something else.

It is not the 3D printers themselves that are especially astounding; they are just a new and exciting tool.  What can be amazing are the objects that the technology has the potential to produce!

Please send us your files via DropBox (please title your folder to include your name and LDF) share it to the e-mail address below, by Friday August 30th.  We’ll then select the best ideas and print them for you for display during the London Design Festival exhibition.  Please also send whatever accompanying information that you think might be useful in order for us to fully understand your proposal.

In order to assist with any questions that you might have regarding the production of printable CAD files, the physical or structural qualities of our materials or would just like to see the machines themselves, we will be hosting an Open Evening for all those considering submitting something to us on Thursday 8th August between 6 and 9pm.  If you would like to attend this, please send us an e-mail to:


If you have any technical questions during the development of your idea, then please do give us a call on:

020 3697 7969