D2W were originally a 3D Printing bureau based in Central London, offering high quality Industrial 3D Printing to anyone from any field and with any level of design / 3D Printing experience.  We have now grown our 3D printing capacity and broadened our services to include expert CAD and a range of 3D Scanning Services, to the extent that we now offer a full digital prototyping, finishing and manufacturing service.

No, we do not sell any type of 3D Printer, nor do we service any type of 3D Printer.

We are afraid that this is not possible. We are a working production facility, and it is not possible to offer impromptu tours. We host regular evening events focussing on specific fields of digital manufacture and these always include a tour of the print rooms. Sign up to our newsletter if you’d like to be notified of our events.

If you have a media interest in the technology, then please Contact Us and we can discuss arranging something with you.

If you have a project in mind, then please be in touch and we can arrange an appointment.

No. If you would like to arrange a meeting, then please Contact Us  and we can discuss what you have in mind and then arrange a meeting if necessary.

There is no experience threshold required when working with us. What differentiates D2W from other large bureaus, is that we are available to discuss and advise on your project however simple or sophisticated it may be.

We want to understand your ambitions and help you to achieve them. Do not be shy!

The only colour parts that we can produce are from our Multi-Colour 3D Printer (see above re properties of Multi-Colour). We can Dye Nylon SLS black.

Unfortunately this is not yet possible. All 3D Printers require a 3D CAD file to produce a finished object. This CAD file can either be obtained by drawing the object afresh within an appropriate CAD Software or otherwise from a digital scan of the original object.

Before giving a quote for your project, we need to establish the material that is most appropriate to your project. The price depends upon the material, size and complexity of your model.

Nylon SLS:

We price Nylon SLS according to the height of your object within the build chamber. There is no price benefit in hollowing your models, as we do not base our price on material volume.

• Alternatively, you can use our unique Nylon SLS Container Pricing System. Here you can select a volume in to which your part / parts fit. Download this volume to your CAD software. Pack your parts within that volume and then send the packed volume back to us, where we will then print that volume for you within a container for the set volume price.


With plaster, the pricing is based upon the material volume of the object.

• Hollowing out your model (to a minimum shell thickness of 3mm and providing a route out for any unbound plaster within the shell) will significantly reduce the quote for your model.

• We also have a Multi-Colour Estimator for you to estimate the cost of your Multi-Colour 3D Print.

Resin SLA:

Resin SLA models require support structures in order to print, and these supports are unique to each individual model.

• The cost of a Resin SLA print will depend on the size and complexity of the model, and the more complex and intricate the model is, the more support structures it will require (and post processing) and this will be reflected in the cost.

• We can only give you a price for your Resin 3D Prints once we have taken a look at the file or object in question. We have a Resin SLA Estimator that you can use to gauge the cost of a Resin 3D Print.

Like all objects, the most appropriate 3D Print material depends upon the form (detail, strength) and required function of your object (is it for display only or to be handled?).

Nylon SLS:

• Nylon SLS is an extremely strong material capable of producing very fine details.

• It is ideal for producing complex and accurate fit and function objects.

• Nylon SLS is a pure white plastic material that can be coloured as post process by either dyeing or painting.

• We can also Vibro Finish Nylon SLS as a post process which polishes the surface of the material to produce a significantly smoother finish than the slightly rough virgin surface finish.

• Maximum build dimensions of a single part: 190mm x 240mm x 310mm. Component parts can be designed with sophisticated joints in order to post assemble to create infinitely larger objects.


• Multi-Colour produces beautiful representational models in either white or full colour.

• The Multi-Colour material is too fragile to produce extremely thin or delicate elements in an object.

• Multi-Colour’s fragility also makes it unsuitable for producing parts that will be required to perform repetitive functions.

• Maximum build dimensions of a single part: 254mm x 356mm x 203mm

Resin SLA:

• The Resin SLA material is specifically designed for investment casting to metals. Some of the Resin SLA Materials are in themselves not especially practical as a finished material in their own right.

• Our Resin SLA Printer can achieve extremely high detail.

• The casting process is not reliable enough in order to guarantee a series of metal components that will fit into each other, so it is not an appropriate technology for producing metal engineering components.

• Maximum build dimensions of a single part: 60mm x 45mm x 80mm

Yes we can.  Using our Nylon SLS material, you can use our batch production process to produce as many or as few of your production parts as you need.  Be in touch with your requirements and we will gladly talk you through the process.

Nylon SLS:

• Multiple prints of objects (whether they are identical or not) can be cheaper if they can be built simultaneously within the same build height. For example, if you have an object that has a build height of 10cm and other objects of a lower build height that can be built alongside the tallest part, then these just have a £10+VAT handling charge applied to them.

• Multiples prints of identical or different objects can also be produced within our Nylon Container System which often offers a more economical method of production.


• Multiple prints produced within the same build can be discounted at our discretion depending upon the fragility of the objects in question. Please enquire after a discount when sending requests for multiples.

All compatible file types are listed here:

.vrml (colour)
.zpr (colour)
If you have any other file type, please give us a call and enquire.

This is not advisable as there may not be anyone available to take a look at your file with you. There is nothing to be gained by hand delivering your CAD file. You will not receive your prints any faster by doing so.

If you are seeking advice regarding your CAD file, please send it to us along with your questions.
The best way to send us your file is to use the upload facility on the website or use Dropbox / Hightail / WeTransfer or Google Drive and send it to our info@digits2widgets.com address. If your file is 20MB or less, you can simply send it as an e-mail attachment. Whichever method of sending you use, please always include a description of what you require.

Yes. We have in-house designers who are fully conversant with 3D Printing technology and are able to produce a full range of design types for you. Whether you are starting from a sketch on the back of an envelope, you have a 2D CAD file or have a 3D CAD file that needs refining; we can produce a 3D printable CAD file for you.

Yes. We have a range of 3D Scanning / digitising techniques available for you.

Structured White Light Scanning

We have a structured white light scanner that produces high quality scans of most medium to large size objects. You can either bring your object to our offices to be scanned, or we can visit to take scans on site.


We are skilled in the use of photogrammetry where a large number of photographs of an object can be combined in software to produce a CAD file.

CT Scanning

We also have access to a state of the art CT Scanner which can produce very good CAD files of certain objects, often including internal details.

With all of these technologies, the raw scan will require further CAD work to tidy up the data, which we can also do for you.

Yes we do.

We offer a 10% discount on our standard service and 15% discount on our express service for student projects. In order to apply a student discount, we need you to send us a photo or scan of your current student ID card. Visit our Student Discount page for more information.

As a rule, no. We are always looking to promote great work and will dedicate a lot of time giving advice on how best to achieve it. This is not sponsorship in the contemporary financial sense, but a sharing and nurturing attitude that is just as valuable. On top of our competitive prices, our expertise and our reliable service, we also offer 10% and 15% student discounts. In occasional circumstances, we will support projects to see them to fruition, however this only happens with individuals with whom we already have an established relationship.

We offer Vibro Finishing of Nylon SLS parts. This is an erosive process that polishes the surface of your object. Not all sizes and geometries of parts are suitable for this process. We will take a look at the file of your object and assess whether this is viable.  We can also arrange decorating, metal plating, casting of a variety of 3D prints.

Our turnaround depends upon the 3D print material used, the size of your object and our workload at the time of your order. As a general guide, our expected lead times are as follows:

Nylon SLS:

Express Service: 2 – 3 Working Days (depending upon the size of your parts and our workload at the time)

Standard Service: 4- 7 Working Days (depending upon our workload at the time)

• Very high temperatures are involved in the sintering process and a significant cooling down phase is required at the end of each build in order to avoid distortion in the parts. This cooling down time can often be as long as the build time itself, and the absolute minimum turnaround for Nylon SLS is 48 hours or 2 working days from the placing of your order. If the parts being printed are very complex structures, the sintering process will take longer, and the turnaround will be approximately 3 days.


Express Service: 1 Working Day (depending upon the size of the object, and our workload at the time)

Standard Service: 2 Working Days (depending upon our workload at the time)

Resin SLA:

1 Working Day for a single full platform of parts

• It’s best not to assume that these delivery times can always be met. We strive to achieve these turnaround times, but they are very much dependent upon our workload at the time that you place your order.

It is always best to leave a good margin of time around your final deadlines.

See our Payment and Delivery Page for this information.

Yes we do. Please Contact Us for further information.


As a matter of company policy we do not discuss details of projects and your uploaded files cannot be downloaded by anyone other than ourselves.

• We have our own standard Non Disclosure Agreement which we can sign with you to cover your project upon request.

Alternatively, we are happy to consider signing your own individual Non- Disclosure Agreement.

See our Payment and Delivery page for this information.

Just give us a call and we will do our best to help. Talking about 3D Printing projects is what we love to do.