There was a wonderful turnout at last night’s opening of D2W’s “What you CAN make with a 3d printer” exhibition, which is being held as part of the London Design Festival.

The original intention had been for Jonathan Rowley to conduct a formal seminar which, via a powerpoint presentation, would illustrate and explain all of the objects on display.  It suddenly became clear that as all of the objects were present, it might be far more illuminating if he were to move amongst the exhibits themselves and describe them right there, in 3d dimensions.

This tied in nicely with D2W’s attitude towards 3d printing.  It’s all about the objects.  Our view is that the machines themselves are of limited interest.  Unless the objects that they produce have quality, then the machines are redundant.  Jonathan’s analogy was that 3d printers are the hi-fi.  3d printed objects are the music.  Hi-fi has it’s place, but without the music, it’s nothing.

The pieces within the show fall in to 2 categories.  The first being examples of work produced in conjunction with clients that we feel are interesting, worthwhile and just beautiful examples of some aspects of what industrial 3d printing is good for.  The second category being the objects that were the result of our Design Us Something Wonderful call.  By definition, we think that these are wonderful.

All of the pieces illustrate something different that 3d printing has achieved for the individual.  The scale of contribution that 3d printing played in these projects varies widely, however in each of them, its use was imperative to the production of the finished object.

We won’t run through all that Jonathan had to say about each piece here (he spoke for over an hour…) because we’d like you to come and visit the show itself over the coming 9 days.

D2W will never display objects alongside the 3d printers that have produced them.  3d printers are new tools that significantly enhance creative potential but ultimately all objects have to stand or fall on their own merits.  They are either good, bad or just mediocre.  What made them is just not relevant.

However, we do understand that people are rightly interested in the industrial 3d printers that can create wonders.  Therefore throughout the duration of the exhibition, each day at 1pm we will be conducting guided tours of our 3d printer rooms.

We take real delight in all that we do, so please come along to see the show and judge the objects for yourselves.

James Hopkins’ revolving “1, 2, 3” sculpture
Jack Crossing's "End of Summer"
Jack Crossing’s “End of Summer”
St. H and D2W's 4d printed bird box revealed
St. H and D2W’s 4d printed bird box revealed
Captivated by Beth Lewis-Williams' Lithophanes
Captivated by Beth Lewis-Williams’ Lithophanes
Olga Banchicova and Duarte Santo's "No Animals Were Harmed"
Olga Banchicova and Duarte Santo’s “No Animals Were Harmed”
Goldie’s work in progress to tease you
Goldie’s work in progress to tease you
Morphologic by the team from the AA's DRL
Morphologic by the team from the AA’s DRL
Lauren triggered the fire alarm upon entry.....
Lauren triggered the fire alarm upon entry…..
Jordan Jon Hodgson's table setting for Lily Vanilli
Jordan Jon Hodgson’s table setting for Lily Vanilli
The lad knows that it's not a real ice cream!
The lad knows that it’s not a real ice cream!
Hugh Boy's highly volatile "Crumpet" (colour trumpet)
Hugh Boy’s highly volatile “Crumpet” (colour trumpet)
Hope that we aren't judged by the refreshments.....
Hope that we aren’t judged by the refreshments…..
Christian didn't touch.
Christian didn’t touch.
What you'll have a chance to see each day of the exhibition at 1pm
What you’ll have a chance to see each day of the exhibition at 1pm