Production TimeExpress: 2-3 Business DaysStandard: 5-7 Business Days

Maximum Build Size300 x 300 x 600mm

Delivery TimesCollection from D2W at 2pmNext Day Guaranteed: £7.50+VATSame Day London: £30+VAT

Nylon SLS Information

We have the largest capacity of Nylon SLS (selective laser sintering) in London, which provides us with an unbeatable 2 day production time and maintain highly accurate and consistent results at competitive prices.

Nylon SLS is both strong and flexible, making it a favourite for a wide variety of industries. It produces fine white objects with almost no visible laser lines and requires no support material. To achieve the very best from all of Nylon SLS’s amazingly versatile properties, it’s important to make sure you are receiving it at it’s highest quality.  Not all Nylon SLS is the same.

To help you get a sense of some of the material properties of Nylon SLS, we have produced Sample Swatch, that demonstrates flexibility and thicknesses.

Our fleet of EOS P1 and P3 machines run on Nylon PA2200 powder, and we mix a healthy 1:1 ratio of new to used powder, and slice the data into 0.1mm layers with optimal laser parameters to ensure you receive the finest result this technology can offer.

Vibro Polishing

For a smoother surface texture, Nylon SLS parts can be polished in our selection of Vibro machines. Each of these tumblers contains small ceramic chips that vibrate against the object and gradually erode the outer surface down to a polished finish. As a result this process does have an effect on part accuracy and rounding sharp edges.

This process will typically add a day to the production process and cost an additional £30+VAT.

Please let us know if you would like more than our standard duration Vibro Finishing.

Our Vibro Finishing Sample can be purchased in our shop.


We can dye Nylon SLS objects in a range of 17 standard colours. This is an industrial process, developed specifically for the material which produces an even, consistent and colour fast result. This process also provides 0.2mm colour penetration beneath the surface of the object, allowing for excellent durability. The dyed parts are also skin safe and UV resistant.

This process adds 1 week to the production time of your parts. If you are interested in having your Nylon SLS parts dyed, please include this request when you send us your files and we will provide you with the additional cost of dyeing.

Batch Production

Multiples Made Easy

  • No minimum quantities. No worries about breaking even on production investment.

Fast Lead Times / Bridging Parts

  • No tooling means you can start production right away.

The Highest Quality Settings – Always

  • Our machines remain constantly set at the best 0.1mm layer thickness.

Our Nylon SLS capacity is comprised a fleet of:

  • EOS P1 machines (190 x 240 x 310mm) and a large EOS P396 (320 x 320 x 600mm)


We have developed a unique partnership with casting company based in London’s Hatton Garden to investment cast using our Nylon SLS. We advise that you contact us first before you start designing for this process, as alternative processes could prove more efficient and cost effective.

Spray Painting

Nylon parts can be spray painted, but for best results they will require sanding, priming or even Vibro Finishing before applying the final coat. We do not offer spray painting as an in-house service, but we can advise on how to do this yourself, or use one of our partners who achieve a very high quality standard of finish.

Spray Chroming

We would often recommend using SLA for this process as it provides a smoother surface quality which requires less labour to sand down the surfaces. However Nylon SLS can produce larger parts and can often prove cheaper and quicker. Please contact us if you are interested in this process and we can advise you on the best way forward.