“Floral Focus” was submitted and was presented with Gold and Silver awards at the Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship & Design Awards

On Monday 27th February 2017, Rebecca Wilkes won a Gold award in the Production Jewellery category and a Silver for Technical Innovation.

The Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council is a industry body that promotes the highest standard in design and craftsmanship within the jewellery industry and allied crafts. The Council runs the annual Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship & Design Awards, which are commonly referred to as the ‘Oscars of the Industry’

This is a brilliant example of a young designer grasping many of the benefits of 3D printing, not just to help produce a beautiful and sophisticated end result, but also designing it with the economics of production in mind. Her exploitation of so many benefits of the the technology to produce such a striking collection was aided by her ability to discuss her project with D2W’s team. Although this is produced through digital technologies, the same old story applies that when you communicate with people who are making things for you, the things get better.

Read the full story of the development of this project in our portfolio: Rebecca Wilkes Floral Focus

It’s a tremendous achievement to design with Nylon SLS and receive this highly prestigious industry accolade. This project was inspired by an organised student visit to D2W’s studio and ended up at an award ceremony at the Goldsmiths’ Hall!