Upload your .STL file for 3D Printing here

The file formats ready for 3D Printing are:

STL (*.stl)

OBJ (*.obj)

VRML (*.vrml; *.wrl)

Zcorp (*.zpr)

Fill in the Form and load your file(s)

Please include the following information in your message to help speed up this process:

  1. The material required – if you are unsure then please call for advice
  2. The quantities required
  3. Any post processing requirements you may have. Do you want it dyed or vibro finished?
  4. To be collected in person, or other Delivery Options
  5. If you are having it delivered, do require standard or express service?

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Sending a Nylon SLS Container

Please state which size Nylon SLS Container you are sending us (in case of scaling issues) and if possible, inform us of the number of parts packed inside. Please also let us know whether you require the standard or the express production option.

The containers all have set prices, so after viewing your container file, all that we have to do is advise you on production time.

Once you confirm that the production time is acceptable, we will send an invoice to you and await payment to ensure that we can begin printing and meet that deadline.


We only open the files that you send us during office hours.

If you send us files outside of these hours, we will respond at our earliest opportunity on the next working day.

During the working day we try to respond to you as quickly as possible.

If you haven’t heard back from us within 2 hours, then please give us a call to confirm that we have received your e-mail.

Once we have viewed your file, our team of experts will quickly get back to you with a quote and production time. If we have any concerns, queries or suggestions then we will include this in our reply.

After you reply to confirm the quote and production time, we will send you an invoice and request that you pay by card over the phone or online in advance.

Cloud Servers for Sending Files

Alternatively, you can upload your file via one of the free online cloud storage systems below

Google Drive

We Transfer



If you are not already registered with one of these services, then click on one of the logos and read through and follow their instructions for uploading files. Then send us the provided link in your email addressed to info@digits2widgets.com along with any message and the list of information required as listed above.

Please make sure that when using one of the cloud transfer services that your files are fully uploaded before sending us an invitation to access your files. If they are not fully uploaded, then all we see is an empty folder and this significantly slows down the process.