Fastest Production Time1 Business Day

Maximum Build Size140 x 140 x 140 mm

Delivery TimesNext Day Guaranteed: £7.50+VATSame Day London: £30+VAT

SLA Pricing Estimator

The price of a Resin SLA 3D Print is primarily based on the overall volume of your model. For a rough guide to the cost of SLA prints use our Resin SLA Estimator below. Please send us your files for an accurate quote.

Prices for multiples quoted on application.

*Please note, this should be used for estimates only.

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Our Resin SLA 3D Printing is uses the process of Photopolymerisation, where a light source is used to cure the SLA resin materials.

All models will require some support structures to stabilise overhanging areas of the model during the printing process. These support structures are generated in CAD and then manually removed after the printing process.

After the support structure removal, the model then has any uncured resin cleaned off it and it is ready to go.

SLA Information

General Characteristics:

Sharp and highly detailed resolution.
Produces a very smooth surface texture.

SLA Material Options:

Castable SLA:

This material burns out cleanly with no ash or residue, perfect for translating your high resolution prints into metals via investment casting.

Clear SLA:

Opaque when straight off the printer, but can be polished to near optical transparency. Achieving full transparency is geometry dependent and we can advise on how best to achieve it.

Grey and Black SLA:

These resins are perfect for general purpose prototyping and design. If you require a colour other than these native colours, this material provides the perfect substrate for spray finishing. They are also the materials of choice for metal plating.

SLA Process

Tips & Advice

Resin SLA 3D printing requires support structures to be added to your CAD model in order for it to be printed. This can make it difficult to estimate an accurate price without seeing the file first.

The pricing of the SLA printing is based upon: The object size, the total volume, the complexity of the design, and the support structures that need to be generated and later removed manually.

Before you send us a file, we recommend that you view our CAD File Guide and our SLA Resin Design Guide. This will help to ensure that the file can be printed straight away to avoid delays and file fixing costs.

For more information on any aspect of SLA 3D Printing, please feel free to Contact Us and request to speak to our SLA Resin Design Technician.